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Difficult or painful menstruation.



disturbances of menstruation, characterized by pains in the lower abdomen, the small of the back, and the sacrum (algomenorrhea), combined with general symptoms (migraine, heart palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, and sleep disturbance).

Primary dysmenorrhea occurs in women with no previous gynecological disease, most often in young girls and young women who have not given birth. This dysmenorrhea often ceases with a regular sex life and especially after parturition. Secondary dysmenorrhea appears as a result of inflammatory processes, the development of tumors in the woman’s sex organs, version of the uterus, and so on. Dysmenorrhea may develop as a result of psychological shock associated with the onset of the first menstruation in uninformed young girls, when there is a long-unfulfilled desire to become pregnant, and in cases of unsatisfactory sex life. Sometimes dysmenorrhea arises owing to the functional characteristics of a woman’s nervous system (vagotonic form). A special form of dysmenorrhea is membranous dysmenorrhea, which is associated with hormonal disharmony (the preponderance of estrogen over the hormone of the corpus luteum).

Treatment depends on the causes of the dysmenorrhea and its form. General restorative treatment, pain relievers, sedatives, hormone therapy, and physical therapy are prescribed.

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But research carried out last year in Korea revealed that the tape could have significant effects on period pain.
A survey of 600 women found that 10% were regularly bedridden by their period pains.
Kelly was eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis a condition typified by severe period pains and which affects around two million women in this country.
Pelvic pain, which feels like period pain, is the most common symptom of endometriosis, either constant or around the time of the period.
This means having a headache, period pains, backache or a hangover feels like it's adding an extra two hours to an eight-hour working day.
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