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The fibrous membrane enveloping bones, except at joints and the points of tendonous and ligamentous attachment.
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connective tissue in vertebrate animals and man that invests bone (excluding the articular facets, linea aspera, and tuberosities); it joins the bone by means of bundles of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

Three layers are distinguished within the periosteum: the external layer (adventitia), which consists of fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels; the middle fibroelastic layer, which consists of collagen fibers; and the internal osteoblastic layer, which contains osteoblasts and is usually absent in adult organisms. The periosteum joins bone with surrounding tissues, assures growth of bone tissue (mainly in thickness), and in adult organisms assures regeneration of bone tissue.

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[1] According to Ellis, the tumor is dissected down to the periosteum to obtain adequate tumor-free margins.
This modified periosteal flap is easy to perform and allows good access to create a subperiosteal pocket, and also complete repositioning of the periosteum aiming at reducing the risks of device migration.
Often in children and adolescents, a single pin and the reduced periosteum provide sufficient stability to prevent re-displacement of the fracture.
In order to obtain a coronal repositioning of the flap, excluding tensions deriving from muscles, the elevated flap was released through partial-thickness incisions of muscular insertions to the periosteum deep apically.
As a result, in case of large bone defects, the periosteum could be a source of stem/progenitor cells [51].
As seen in the first patient, the medial clavicular epiphysis stayed properly in place and the clavicular metaphysis was displaced retrosternally disrupting the posterior periosteum longitudinally.
The masses were located between the squamous epithelium and periosteum of the bony EAC, and they separated very easily--again indicating that masses were not in contact with the periosteum.
The use of periosteum and Surgicel for bone restoration in congenital clefts of the maxilla.
Moreover, the periosteum (osteogenic tissues surrounding bones) contains multiple stem cells that secrete large quantities of VEGF and BMP2, thereby playing critical roles in boosting bone healing (15-17).
After a time, inflammation took place in the periosteum of the root, and the tooth was in a measure loosened.
Here, we present two cases of which one had scalp involvement correlating to antenatal methimazole intake and the other one had unusual presentation with involvement of deep tissues up to the periosteum of right lower limb.
Medical observations have confirmed that it halts the erosion of periosteum in bone, and a paper submitted by Dr W Dewey claimed that he used the plant to cure a cancer of the lip.