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Inflammation of the periosteum.



an acute or chronic inflammation of the periosteum, most often of infectious origin. Periostitis of short duration develops when there is contusion of an area of bone unprotected by subcutaneous tissue. Periostitis may be a symptom of osteomyelitis or other disease of the bone. It is accompanied by fever, local heat, pain, swelling, and reddening in the affected area. X-ray examination sometimes reveals a thickening of the periosteum. Treatment includes rest, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, and physiotherapy. Surgical treatment is rarely used.

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Fluoride toxicity has been recognized as a cause of a bone disease called periostitis deformans since the mid 20th century (9).
In contrast to a unicameral or solitary bone cyst, an ABC is typically painful, can have periostitis (often aggressive) and is eccentrically located.
3) Differentiation of osteomyelitis from other conditions producing periostitis and permeative bone lysis, such as Ewing sarcoma or stress fracture, can be difficult.
Buna bagli olarak pubik Osteitis pubis ilk kez 1924'te Beer tarafindan simfisizin periostiti seklinde tanimlanmistir (10).
Characteristic radiographic features are osteomyelitis, osteolysis, periostitis, cortical erosions and joint destruction.
The classic radiographic appearance of Ewing's sarcoma is onionskin periostitis and is often used as a preliminary means of differentiating these tumors.
The radiographic findings include periosteal reaction, periostitis, cortical sclerosis, bone deformities, focal and wide spread bone destruction and pathologic fractures.
Shin splints" is a general term that can refer to shin pain from a variety of causes including exertional compartment syndrome, claudication, stress fracture, stress syndrome and periostitis.
This can be contrasted to psoriatic arthritis, which exhibits marginal erosions in the proximal plate and marginal periostitis in the distal plate at the DIP joints.
Such differences seem to be related to differences in health and nutrition in childhood, as suggested by sexual dimorphism, cribra orbitalia, periostitis and dental hypoplasia.
Professionals sometimes call this medial tibia stress syndrome which includes tendinitis, periostitis (inflammation at the site of attachment of muscle and tendon on the bone) and stress fractures.
This syndrome can progress to hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy, in which the clubbing is accompanied by painful periostitis of the long bones and occasionally polyarthritis.