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Discharge of an ovum or ovule from the ovary.



the discharge of the ovum from the ovary into the body cavity. The follicle that contains the ovum ruptures during ovulation; in humans and mammals it is called the Graafian follicle. Ovulation occurs periodically in females of most vertebrates and in women. In some animals, for example, the rabbit, cat, and polecat, it is triggered by copulation. It is stimulated by gonadotrophic hormones, which are secreted by the pituitary gland and are controlled by the central nervous system. In birds the number of daylight hours is a signal for ovulation; in fish, water temperature.

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These phases are associated with increases in negative feelings about women's appearance (Altabe & Thompson, 1990; Carr-Nangle, Johnson, Bergeron, & Nangle, 1994), and could have made the periovulatory ratings seem higher in comparison.
Symptomatic carriers have been described in sheep, with the pathogen being shed in periovulatory estrus (12), but the possibility of chronic infection or the possibility of extragestational illness has never been evaluated in humans.
This value was chosen because it is about 2 standard deviations above the periovulatory peak in FSH levels in regularly cycling women.
Parlee (25) studied a small group of women and identified a putative premenstrual elation "syndrome," because activation and vigor were higher in the premenstrual than the periovulatory phase.
In ovulatory cycles two patterns were identified: perimenstrual seizure exacerbation (C1 pattern) and periovulatory exacerbation (C2 pattern).
Differential gonadotropin secretion: blockade of periovulatory LH but not FSH secretion by a potent LHRH antagonist.
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Food intake during the premenstrual phase was 270 calories greater per day than during the preceding periovulatory phase.
Neuroedocrine mechanism regulating luteinizing hormone secretion during periovulatory period: Negative and positive feedback actions of estrogen in the brain.