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(1) In stylistics and poetics, a trope expressing one concept by means of several. Periphrases of varying complexity are possible, from the simplest (“he sank into sleep” instead of “he fell asleep”) to the most complex; the latter approach metonymy, personification, and other tropes. An example is N. V. Gogol’s rendering of “a gray moustache” as “a long moustache powdered by that inexorable barber who, uninvited, appears to both the beautiful and the ugly and who for several thousand years now has been forcibly powdering the whole human race.” A particular type of periphrasis is euphemism, descriptive expression of “low” or “forbidden” concepts (“the evil one” instead of “the devil”). Periphrasis should not be confused with paraphrase.

(2) Sometimes periphrasis refers also to perepev, a type of parody in which the object of satire is not the form of the work parodied but its new content. An example is N. A. Nekrasov’s parody of M. Iu. Lermontov’s “Spi, mladenets moi prekrasnyi” (“Sleep, my beautiful child”) as “Spi, postrel, poka bezvrednyi!” (“Sleep, my little imp, and harmless yet!”).


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Even so, the frequency of gerund periphrasis with stative verbs is very limited, as the data show.
(3) In concluding this article, I will reconsider the relationship between the concepts of adjectival and verbal periphrasis, building on insights from an earlier article of mine (Bentein 2011).
According to Gomez Torrego (1999: 3345), the Verbal Periphrasis is the union of two or more verbs that constitutes a single verbal unit.
(2) This can be distinguished from categorial periphrasis: for example, the periphrastic future is similar to inflectional future formations in French in that it has a future tense meaning, but this meaning is expressed purely syntactically.
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There is an unmistakable stylistic verve, energy, and exuberance which tends toward repetition and periphrasis and, in the extreme, toward a rhapsodic style in which distinctions are drawn solely, it seems, on the basis of the manner of their expression; thus the "genese du debut" is opposed to the "debut de la genese" on several occasions for no other purpose than the rhetorical elegance of this chiasmus.
Herrera coincided with Fraunce in using part of these lines, "el arbol de victoria", with the purpose of drawing attention to the periphrasis figure (1580: 410).
Again, the result has been to strip away the insidious periphrasis that so often muffles the power of the Hebrew in previous translations (including the King James).
During an age that favored periphrasis and narrative exposition in poetry, Dickinson employs compression and syntactic deletion, aligning her more closely with the imagists and Modernist poets than with her contemporaries.