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Sessile biotal components of a fresh-water ecosystem.



freshwater organisms that live attached to the underwater parts of riverboats, beacons, piers, and other man-made structures. The term was proposed by the Soviet hydrobiologist A. L. Bening in 1924. It was subsequently used to designate the overgrowth of marine hydroengineering structures with organisms. At present, the term is almost never used and has been replaced by the term “fouling.”

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The integration between bioflocs and periphyton (biophyton system) in a same rearing unit might combine the positive effects of those both systems in a synergic process.
Periphyton boosts production in pond aquaculture systems.
Macrophyte growth and colonization depth are, in general, positively affected by temperature (Rooney and Kalff, 2000), but whether this growth potential is realized depends on a number of factors, including the trophic structure, periphyton and plant grazer abundance, and winter climate (Jeppesen et al.
8% to representing more than 22% of the FII, the consumption of Trichoptera insects stands out and within this, Helycopsichidae, which possess scraping jaws to obtain periphyton and fine particles that cover the surface of rocks.
Also, approximately 1g of water hyacinth root tissue was obtained to represent primary productivity in the analysis because this aquatic vegetation represents one of the main components of periphyton.
Impacts of Nonpoint-Source Pollution on the Diatom Assemblage, Periphyton Characteristics, and Algae Growth in the West Fork of the Red River in North-Central Tennessee.
At each sampling site a leaf was collected off of benthos and scraped for periphyton using a stiff, sterile toothbrush.
Diatoms were grouped according to their habitat into plankton and periphyton, and according to their salinity tolerance, to brackish/marine, halophilous and freshwater taxa.
It is important to highlight that this fish species diet is based on detritus and periphyton.