Periscope Antenna

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Antenna, Periscope


a two-reflector antenna system with a radiating antenna located at the base of a mast or tower and a reradiating antenna mounted at the top. Periscope antennas are mainly used in radio-relay communications as transmitting or receiving antennas. The radiating antenna consists of a horn radiator and a parabolic or elliptical reflector. The horn is connected by a compact feed system to the transmitting apparatus (see Figure 1). The reradiating antenna is a flat reflector that is so oriented as to direct the energy from the radiating antenna toward the next antenna in the relay system. The periscope antenna system has the advantage of permitting the radiating antenna to be placed at the base of the mast.

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In the DR3000S, this takes the form of a single 35-kg masthead assembly, while the subsurface DR3000U uses a 5-kg periscope antenna and a separate 39-kg mast-mounted DF array.