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A spherical, cylindrical, or oval ascocarp which usually opens by a terminal slit or pore.



the microscopic fruiting body of fungi of the group Pyrenomycetes. The perithecium opens by a crack or fissure. It may be globose, hemispheric, urceolate, bottle-shaped, or pear-shaped. Perithecia may form on the mycelium, on the stroma (the supporting framework of the mycelium), or within the stroma. Pouches filled with spores develop in the peritheci-um’s cavity; in some Pyrenomycetes, unicellular or multicellular filaments, or paraphyses, form as well. Cleistothecia, or cleis-tocarps, formerly were included among perithecia. Cleistothecia are the completely closed fruiting bodies of the fungi Plectascales and Erysiphales.

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Stimulation of perithecium and ascospores production in Sordaria fimicola by Armillaria and various fungal species.
According Benjamin the characteristics of the perithecial wall, the evanescent asci and light-colored spores, the appendages surrounding the ostiole of the perithecium, and the manner in which the ascospores are discharged in the form of an elongate cirrus suggest a relationsship to the genus Chaetomium.
The mycelium was white while the head of the spore was yellow and spherical; the nutrient mycelium had a short and thick structure without separation and the perithecium was strong with a yellow-green color (Fig.