Perlo, Victor

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Perlo, Victor


Born May 15, 1912, in New York. American economist and publicist.

After graduating from Columbia University in 1931, Perlo did research in economics and statistics. Before World War II he worked in the Commerce Department, and during the war, at the Office of Price Administration and later at the Treasury Department. Perlo is chairman of the economic commission of the National Committee of the Communist Party of the USA. His works are of progressive character and are devoted to such issues as the postwar development of the American economy, the analysis of US finance capital, the economic expansion of American monopolies, and the militarization of the US economy. Perlo has also written on disarmament and on labor issues. Many of his works have been translated into Russian.


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The Unstable Economy: Booms and Recessions in the United States Since 1945. New York, 1973.
In Russian translation:
Amerikanskii imperializm. Moscow, 1951.
Negry v sel’skom khoziaistve Iuga SShA. Moscow, 1954.
Imperiia finansovykh magnatov. Moscow, 1958.
Ekonomicheskoe sorevnovanie SSSR i SShA. Moscow, 1960.
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