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Any of a group of enzymes which mediate the phenomenon of active transport.
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a component, probably of a protein nature, of certain biological membranes that transports metabolites across the membrane. Each permease transports a specific group of chemically similar compounds, and its biosynthesis is controlled by a single gene. The most extensively studied permeases have been those that transport carbohydrates in bacteria, although permeases for amino acids and several ions are also known. The bacterium Escherichia coli has from 30 to 60 different permeases.

The term “permease” is often extended to imply a functional meaning, that is, to designate an entire multicomponent system for the transport of a certain compound. This usage is erroneous, since permeases cannot be equated with enzymes, which are also named by adding the suffix “-ase.” It has been proposed that permeases be called transport proteins, or transfors.


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It maybe noted that although GAP1 was functional in this experiment it was not the only permease involved in phenylalanine uptake.
subtilis transports enterobactin through the same permease as BB, is evident from previous studies where an excess of nonradiolabeled ferric enterobactin can block the incorporation of radioactive ferric BB.
In the filamentous fungus, sugar transporters, which belong to the MFS permease family, have a characteristic to recognize and carry more than one type of sugar into the fungal cell.
ampG encodes a transmembrane protein functioning as a specific permease to transport 1,6-GldNAc-anhydro-MurNAc and 1,6-GldNAc-anhydro-MurNAc peptide, which are the signal molecules involved in ampC expression [8].
The structure of the heterotetramer complex of the Wzm permease and the N-terminal ATPase domain of Wzt from Aquifex aeolicus and the structure of the C-terminal carbohydrate-binding domain of Wzt from E.
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While some studies showed that specific permease, a ATP enzyme in the cytoplasm membrane, was involved in the glycoprotein transportation of C.
This might be due to (i) high external Na negatively effects on K acquisition because of similar physiochemical properties of Na and K; (ii) KUP (potassium uptake permease) /HAK (High Affinity K) transporters are extremely selective for Kand they are blocked by Na under salt stress (Grabov 2007).
coli vitamin B12 permease is ABC protein transporter that imparts a variety of molecules form the environment.
We recently reported that during catabolite derepression (with galactose or glycerol as carbon source), there is an increase in yeast amino acid permease gene and protein expression, amino acid uptake, and oxygen consumption [5].