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, Ger. Pernau, Rus. Pyarnu, city (1994 pop. 51,963), SW Estonia, on the Gulf of Riga. A seaport, it exports timber and flax and is also a beach and health resort. It was founded c.1250 by the Livonian Knights and became a city of the Hanseatic League.
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, Estonia.
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She is chastised by her elders, and they are dismissive of Akbari's company as such people are "not admitted to our society or friendship."16 It is helpful to compare this with the history that Margrit Pernau provides.
In that period, there was, to use Margrit Pernau's phrase, a transformation from Ashraf to middle class.
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Pernau and Sachsenmaier have collected 13 previously published articles on the movement of ideas around the world in various historical periods and present them in sections on classical texts in conceptual history, challenges, translations of concepts, and outlook.
(2003) Between the Ideal and the Real: Gender Relations within the Indian Joint Family in Pernau, M, Ahmad, I & Reifield, H.
The DUP man added: "The burglary of her Pernau Street home on Tuesday morning was clearly a very distressing experience for Maureen Swindell and her sister Lily.
Family, kin, house, neighbourhood, food, community, and many other spaces and places "below" the national level were just as or even more important (Pernau 2011).
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Sutrop will zu dem bereits fruher beleuchteten Thema den Nachweis erbringen, dass sich der Nordteil dieses Siedlungsgebiets bis in das heutige Estland, entlang der Ostseekuste bis etwa zum Fluss Parnu, sudlich der Stadt Parnu (Pernau) hat ausdehnen konnen und zusammen mit Pajusalu hat er vermeintliche livische Substraterscheinungen in dieser Region aufgedeckt.