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We had promised her a liberal perquisite in the event of our success, but she must not give other cyclists our idea by mentioning it to a soul.
It is true she was pretty well besides, that is to say, she had about #1400 in money, which she gave him; and the other, after some time, she brought to light as a perquisite to herself, which he was to accept as a mighty favour, seeing though it was not to be his, it might ease him in the article of her particular expenses; and I must add, that by this conduct the gentleman himself became not only the more humble in his applications to her to obtain her, but also was much the more an obliging husband to her when he had her.
's perquisite to dese yer times, and ter all times.
Mahjabeen Qazalbash said that there was a good space for female artists but hard work and learning from Ustads were perquisites if they wanted to carve out a niche in a music career that would stay long with their names ever shining.
The inclusion of leave fare assistance under the purview of perquisites will increase tax on tax as opposed to Chamber's proposal for withdrawal of the limit on the perquisites.
At a time when national finances are dehydrated to a life-threatening extent and the Finance Minister has recently warned that future inflation would cause people to cry (as if present utility bills don't elicit that emotional reaction), the elected representatives in their wisdom on March 13 chose to pass the Punjab Public Representatives Law (Amendment) Bill, 2019, sweetening their overall salary perquisites by a massive two-fold to six-fold.
Based on different countries' experiences and upon close examination of the LED promotion experience, which took place in Fayoum between 2011 and 2014, it is rather obvious that there are several perquisites for the success of any LED promotion process, especially in developing economies.
Karachi -- The federal government has withdrawn tax exemption that was allowed to federal ministers and provincial governors on various perquisites and allowances provided by the government.
'In line with its policy to crackdown against a lavish lifestyle of government functionaries being enjoyed at the taxpayers' expense, the finance ministry may withdraw perquisites being availed by heads of the state, provinces and federal ministers,' the sources said.
Are the perquisites paid to the commercial lines producers cost effective?
Much of the Torah is devoted to the duties and perquisites of the priesthoodso much so that modern scholarship believes that one of the Torah's source documents was written by priests, at some later point in Jewish history, in order to authorize their status.
According to the resolution, Ambani will be paid an annual salary of Rs 4.17 crore and Rs 59 lakh of perquisites and allowances.