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the persistent recurrence in a human being of a given mental image, action, or state. Perseveration can arise in the motor sphere, as in clonic or tonic perseveration; in the sensory sphere, as in certain eidetic phenomena; in the emotional sphere, in which case it is called perseveration of affect; and in the intellectual sphere. It arises in everyday life, for example, in the form of certain erroneous acts, slips of the pen, or slips of the tongue; it is especially common under conditions of fatigue or severe emotional strain, as well as in certain pathological states, for example, some mental diseases and certain types of localized lesions in the brain. Strictly speaking, perseveration, which is an essentially isolated and accidental phenomenon within the total context of a person’s mental life, should not be confused with what is referred to in psychiatry as an idée fixe, or obsessive thought.


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As described in previous studies, when medicated, some of the children showed perseveration in reproducing the same sketch (Abraham et al.
Based on the forecasts of structural coefficients, we observed that subjects that achieved more concepts and had less errors on the perseveration component of the WCST had a higher degree of functional independence in self-care and socialization (Table 4, r = .
Perseveration was remarkably frequent in the context of ALS-bvFTD,[sup][26] but it did not exist in our cohort mainly composed of nondemented patients.
Feather pecking in laying hens has been described as being stereotypic, ie, a repetitive invariant motor pattern without an obvious function, and indeed the amount of self-pecking in parrots was found to correlate positively with the amount of recurrent perseveration (RP), the tendency to repeat responses inappropriately, which in humans and other animals was found to correlate with stereotypic behavior.
Perseveration (PE): the tendency to continue and repeat behavior and experience emotional states after cessation of stimuli (situations) evoking this behavior or states.
However, perseveration and over-switching are frequently reported in people suffering from schizophrenia (Yogev et al.
1105: "Small Business Capital Access and Job Perseveration Act" that aims to "loosen excessive and unnecessary" regulations when it comes to private enterprise and business seems to be indefinitely stalled.
And indeed, when I accept the reality that my brain is going to drift into distracting thoughts--that distraction and perseveration and fidgeting is an inevitable part of how my brain works--and when I accept this reality without judgment, and move on from it, I'm not just practicing mindfulness.
Does the person engage in poor judgment, perseveration about violent methods to resolve a personal issue, or exhibit negative coping skills?
This is in line with studies that reported increased response perseveration and a less adaptive response allocation to the changing reinforcement contingencies on a concurrent-reinforcement task both after acute delta-9 THC administration (Lane & Cherek 2002) and in heavy cannabis-smoking adolescents (Lane et al.