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Persian language

Persian language, member of the Iranian group of the Indo-Iranian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-Iranian languages). The official language of Iran, it has about 38 million speakers in Iran and another 8 million in Afghanistan. Historically the Persian language falls into three periods: Old, Middle, and Modern. Old Persian is known chiefly from cuneiform inscriptions dating from the time of the Achaemenid kings of ancient Persia (6th–4th cent. B.C.). Old Persian was highly inflected, as was Avestan, which is regarded by some as a form of Old Persian and by others as a separate tongue. Avestan was the language of the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism that are known as the Avesta (probably composed c.7th–5th cent. B.C.). Middle Persian derives directly from Old Persian. Also called Pahlavi, Middle Persian prevailed under the Sassanid, or Sassanian, rulers of Persia (3d–7th cent. A.D.). Grammatically, much simplification of inflection took place in Middle Persian, which was recorded both in an Aramaic alphabet and in a script called Pahlavi. Middle Persian also had a noteworthy literature of Manichaean and Zoroastrian texts. The modern form of Persian evolved directly from Middle Persian and may be said to have begun in the 9th or 10th cent. A.D. It has not changed much since that date. The grammar of Modern Persian is comparatively simple. The inflection of nouns and verbs has been greatly reduced since the ancient stage of the language. A number of Arabic words were added to the vocabulary as the result of the conquest of the Persians by the Muslim Arabs in the 7th cent. A.D. Modern Persian is the medium of an old and great literature and is written in a modification of the Arabic alphabet. Modern Persian is also known as Fārsī.


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The acclaimed French writer, translator, and the former professor at Sorbonne University in Paris has also been teaching Persian language at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (Inalco).
The speakers would give their inputs regarding advancement of the Persian language by agreeing on the methods and potential strategy for the future.
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By mid twentieth century, programs in Persian language and culture operated in Fu'ad, Faruq, and Ibrahim Universities (now Cairo, Alexandria, and 'Ayn Shams Universities, respectively).
There has not been seen a great man like Ferdowsi, and a book like the gloriousness of Shahnama, and a city like the greatness of Tus across the Persian literature and the history of Iranian nation; moreover Ferdowsi is now ruling across the Persian language and O' what am I saying on the wide region of the Iranian heart more than a thousand years; blessed is a land whose lucky ruler is the wise and famous man of Tus and its regulations is the best in fame, then Iran should be pleased and satisfied of living more than a thousand years in the light of ((the epic of just)) and lying down in the shadow-like ((of a shady cypress)) that the free-spirited farmer has formed wholeheartedly its Tus and watered while suffering great anguish and sorrow.
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center's plan to replace the tiles inscribed with poems in the Persian language in Nizami's mausoleum with analogous poems in the