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However, they caution, "'additional research should be done to evaluate the use of lemon or other acidic fruits, as Persian limes may be difficult to obtain in certain regions.
Historically, Persian limes were produced primarily in south Florida, but the combination of the recent citrus canker infestation and the 1992 Hurricane Andrew decimated Florida Persian lime groves.
With excellent growing conditions and a competitive location advantage, Cuba could expand Persian lime production and capture a significant portion of the U.
Cook's Note: If you can't find real Key limes or pure Key lime juice, you may substitute Persian limes.
The ultra-premium liqueur is made using Persian limes cultivated in Mexico, and is 70 proof.
One hundred of those 300 species are edibles, and many of them adjoin the Asian garden: Barbados cherry and tamarind trees, jaboticabas, starfruit, dwarf pomegranate, mangos, loquats, papayas, lychees, figs, Chinese persimmons, Persian limes, a banana garden and on and on.
Green Persian limes just don't have enough acid, and besides, key lime pie filing is supposed to be yellow.
Four-packs of Persian Limes intended specifically for garnishing beer bottles are now available from Product Launch Analytics.
The main organic exports are: bananas, cacao, coffee, coconuts, mangos, Persian limes, avocados, ginger.
In addition, Key limes or Mexican limes are often considered preferable to the thick- and slightly bitter-skinned Persian limes most bars use, but are smaller and often yield less juice per lime.
Paramount Citrus today announced a major acquisition and addition to its citrus portfolio, rooting its status as the largest vertically integrated provider of Persian limes to North America.