Personal Consumption

Consumption, Personal


the use of food, clothing and footwear, cultural and domestic goods, household items, housing, and other consumer goods in material form and in the form of personal services, to satisfy people’s immediate needs.

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Some of the nine board members warned others to remain alert against persistent deflationary pressure, while others dismissed such concern as unfounded, noting the second straight quarterly rise in personal consumption in the April-June period, the minutes show.
Japan's regional economies are moving toward a self-sustaining recovery, with the corporate sector being a primary force, but generally remain sluggish due largely to slack personal consumption, the Finance Ministry said Wednesday.
Food excludes personal consumption expenditures for purchased
Unusually hot weather has been shown to boost personal consumption, Fuji Securities said, noting that sales of air conditioners and beverages also surged when Japan experienced its hottest ever July in 1994.
Personal consumption, which accounts for about 60% of Japan's GDP, is estimated to have posted 0.
8% in fiscal 2000 buoyed by a recovery in capital spending and expanding personal consumption, up from the 0.
13 Personal consumption 34,782 34,981 35,149 35,310

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