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(1) (Packet Exchange Protocol) A Xerox protocol used internally by NetWare to transport internal Netware NCP commands (NetWare Core Protocols). It uses PEP and IPX for this purpose. Application programs use SPX and IPX.

(2) A high-speed modem protocol suited for cellular phone use from the now-defunct Telebit Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA.

(3) (Policy Enforcement Point) See COPS.
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I AM contributing pounds 100 each month to a Personal Equity Plan.
And more than three-quarters of those seriously considering a personal equity plan will be first-time investors.
uk) offers a no-frills, ultra-low-cost personal equity plan at the touch of your computer keyboard.
About 10 years ago I invested pounds 6,000 in a Personal Equity Plan and it is now worth about pounds 17,000.
I might have suggested something aimed at beating inflation - which is where a Personal Equity Plan could help - but you have clearly thought of this.
QMY wife and I have pounds 4,000 each in a Personal Equity Plan which we started in 1996.
The penalties were imposed by regulator Investment Management Regulatory Organisation and concern lapses in RBS's global custody business - which involves looking after assets like stocks and shares - and the running of its Personal Equity Plan business.
For most people who never have any liability to capital gains tax, the main advantage of a Personal Equity Plan is to be able to receive tax free income at some stage in the future.
One thousand pounds popped five years ago into the Enterprise Personal Equity Plan run by investment trust giant Foreign & Colonial is now worth pounds 4,267.
QI AM considering stopping my Personal Equity Plan (PEP) and moving it to another company.
But Northern Rock have decided NOT to offer members the chance to invest shares in their own Personal Equity Plan savings scheme.

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