Personal Injury

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Personal Injury


in law, harm to a man’s person rather than his property, caused by illegal acts. Personal injury includes the lessening of an individual’s dignity, the infliction of mental and physical suffering, and damage to a person’s reputation.

In accordance with Soviet legislation, personal injury is not subject to material compensation. Citizens’ honor and dignity, as personal values, are protected through procedures established by criminal law (seeDEFAMATION and INSULT) and civil law (art. 7 of the Basic Principles of Civil Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics and the corresponding articles of the civil codes of the Union republics).

Foreign legislation permits compensation for personal injury. In some countries, it is permissible only in cases provided by law; in others, there are no such limitations. For example, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, in cases of harm to health, a one-time payment is granted to compensate for physical suffering and decreased work possibilities (sec. 444). The amount of compensation is determined by the court.

personal injury

In insurance terminology, injury or damage to the character or reputation of a person, as well as bodily injury. Personal injury insurance usually covers such situations as false arrest, malicious prosecution, willful detention or imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation of character, wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, and wrongful entry. Also See bodily injury.
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In addition, based on a review of the legislation that implemented Congress' taxing power provided in the 16th Amendment, particularly the original exclusion for personal injury damages, the court found that the framers of the 16th Amendment would not have construed compensatory damages for nonphysical injuries to be income.
It was set up to meet the demand for the provision of innovative solution based services to the insurance industry, specifically focusing on the handling of volume based claimant and defendant motor accident personal injury claims.
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In 1995 Saskatchewan, Canada, switched to a no-fault legal system for personal injury while increasing medical and income-replacement benefits for injured parties.

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