Personal Subsidiary Plot

Personal Subsidiary Plot


under socialism a small plot of land around the house that is worked by the holder. It serves as an additional source of income for working people. The economic reason for the existence of personal subsidiary plots at a certain stage of the development of socialism is that social production does not yet fully provide society with agricultural products.

The personal subsidiary plot is of secondary importance and depends on the social economy. In the USSR the norms for using personal land and keeping productive livestock as personal property are defined for kolkhoz members by the Model Kolkhoz Regulations (1969); for production and office workers they are determined by special normative documents. As social production develops, the share of the personal subsidiary plots in gross agricultural output decreases: in 1972 the share was 27 percent, as against 37.2 percent in 1958. However, in the production of certain types of vegetables and animal products the personal subsidiary plots still play a notable part. In 1974 they accounted for 64 percent of the gross production of potatoes, 33 percent of the vegetables, 32 percent of the meat and milk, 41 percent of the eggs, and 20 percent of the wool. (In 1940 they produced 65 percent of the potatoes, 48 percent of the vegetables, 72 percent of the meat, 77 percent of the milk, 94 percent of the eggs, and 39 percent of the wool.)

Although the personal subsidiary plot is primarily for the holders’ consumption, working people sell part of the output at kolkhoz markets and to the state, consumer cooperatives, and kolkhozes and sovkhozes. The kolkhozes help with production on the personal subsidiary plots. They till them with their own machinery and draft animals, assist in selling the market output, and so on. The livestock maintained on the personal subsidiary plots receive feed primarily from the social sector and from agricultural lands outside the subsidiary plot.

Working people in the other socialist countries also have personal subsidiary plots. The share of the plots in gross agricultural output and personal incomes in the various countries depends on the structure and the level of development of productive forces in agriculture, the nature of the socialist transformations in agriculture, and other socioeconomic factors. The proportion of production in animal husbandry coming from personal subsidiary plots compared with that coming from other branches is especially large.


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Annually, during the ripening period of apples and pears, the company organizes the purchase of fruits from the population: peasant farming and personal subsidiary plots, horticultural societies.
Such partnership was appreciated by many - today the procurement is handing over 8 000 personal subsidiary plots - 80% of all in the district.
According to the latest operational data, about 2200 homestead plots in personal subsidiary plots were covered in the Shilkin, Nerchinsk, Chernyshevsky, Tungokochensky, Karymsky, Chita, Aginsky, Dul'durginsky and Khiloksky areas in flooding (waterlogging).
A loan to citizens who conduct personal subsidiary plots on the "Far Eastern hectare", to purchase machinery and equipment, offers Rosselkhozbank up to 1 million rubles at 13% per annum.
The program, designed to give impetus to the development of personal subsidiary plots, will solve the problem of rural people's employment, increase their well-being, and bring prosperity to hard-working families.
About 18 thousand hectares are planned to plant personal subsidiary plots and 13,6 thousand hectares - peasant farms.
During the meeting, special attention was paid to protection of residential areas, personal subsidiary plots and suburban areas from the bedbug.
SPPK "Sevastopol": - Creation and development of the material and technical base of the agricultural consumer processing cooperative, aimed at the purchase, processing and marketing of fruit and vegetable products of its members, owners of personal subsidiary plots, peasant farms, agricultural consumer cooperatives and other persons with the aim of providing a constant income to participants in the technological process.
Traditionally, the products will be represented by agricultural enterprises, peasant (farm) farms, consumer cooperative enterprises, food and processing industries, individual entrepreneurs, as well as owners of personal subsidiary plots. It is planned that trade will be carried out with about 340 cars.
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Stavropol Territory Mykola Velikdan in the Mineralovodsky City District met with enterprising citizens who are interested in creating intensive gardening in their personal subsidiary plots.
agricultural enterprises, heads of rural settlements, owners of personal subsidiary plots, representatives of district administrations.
At the fair, you can buy high-quality products made by agricultural producers and farmers of personal subsidiary plots of the Moscow region.