intelligent agent

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intelligent agent

[in¦tel·ə·jənt ′ā·jənt]
(industrial engineering)
A computing hardware- or software-based system that operates without the direct intervention of humans or other agents, examples include robots, smart sensors, and Web-search software agents.


A software routine that waits in the background and performs an action when a specified event occurs. For example, agents could transmit a summary file on the first day of the month or monitor incoming data and alert the user when a certain transaction has arrived. Agents are also called "intelligent agents," "personal agents" and "bots." See mobile agent, bot and workflow.
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New generation services are also available for businesses, such as personal agent on the web with advanced call routing, unified messaging capabilities and Wi-Fi access.
Again, like lawyers, as a class, agents may be looked upon unfavorably--but policyholders view their own personal agent in a very different light.
Pat phoenix went to her death showing no bitterness about having lung cancer, her personal agent said last night.
The first is "creativity," or more fully "serendipitous creativity," that functions as a synonym for "God." Creativity or God is the transcendent, dynamic ground of the universe, as contrasted with a personal agent who exercises oversight in an anthropomorphic way.
Allardyce junior, whose offices are in nearby Darwen, Lancashire, has now given up his FIFA licence after previously working with Mark Curtis, his dad's personal agent, before going solo.
Optivon's suite of services include Unified Communications, Personal Agent, Service Dispatch, Remote Receptionist and Contact Center.
But Harrison is quietly confident he will get the go-ahead from the personal agent of the former AC Milan and Barcelona playmaker to finalise negotiations.
Many of Full Access's clients rely on bicycles as their main mode of transportation and that's where the idea for Saturday's event came from, said Karla Schroeder, a personal agent with the brokerage.
WebMate: A personal agent for browsing and searching.
Though the personal agent still appeals, the convenience of shopping online isn't lost on the insurance industry.

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