digital music player

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digital music player

Hardware or software that plays audio files encoded in MP3 and other audio formats. On the software side, applications that reside in the user's computer, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, are used to organize a music collection, play audio files and rip music from a CD. Software players may also provide access to Internet radio stations and other streaming audio sites (see media player).

Hardware Players
On the hardware side, devices use solid state flash memory to hold songs downloaded from an online store or the user's computer. Apple's iPod has long been the industry leader, but players have come in all sizes, with some units including FM radio. See iPod.

More than MP3
All players, whether hardware or software, support MP3 and generally several other formats. AAC is Apple's featured format, and FLAC provides CD quality sound. See codec examples, MP3, AAC, FLAC, Pono and high-resolution audio.

Built into Smartphones and Tablets
A music player app is built into all smartphones and tablets, as well as many satellite radio receivers and in-dash navigation systems.

Diamond Rio - One of the First
Diamond Multimedia pioneered the handheld player market in the U.S. in 1998. The Rio's 32MB of flash memory held eight songs. (Image courtesy of SONICblue.)

The iPod Revolution
Only two years after the iPod's introduction, in 2003, this family was very proud of their iPod collection.

A Back Pack Boom Box
An industry of accessories was created to carry and operate a music player. Skullcandy's LINK Packs held waterproof speakers in the straps along with a microphone for cellphones.

Tavo Gloves for the iPod
The metallic-coated index finger and thumb tips made electrical contact between the user and the iPod's click wheel. (Image courtesy of 4sight Products Inc.)
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While not an exclusive offering, Target is selling Apple's popular iPod personal audio player, in what appears to be another attempt to reach a younger, design-focused demographic.
LinuxLink Radio is available as an audio file that you can listen to on your computer or your personal audio player, such as an iPod[R].
The company selected Cirrus Logic's CS7410 processor in an effort to develop a state-of-the-art personal audio player at competitive price points for its U.
Digital technology are the Classic XP3 hard-disk-drive portable digital jukebox, the Classic MP3 DataPlay-based digital audio player, and the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound2 stainless steel personal audio player.
The new products are the Intel(R)Pocket Digital PC Camera, the Intel(R) Personal Audio Player 3000 and the Intel(R)Play(TM)Digital Movie Creator.
The new products are the Intel(R) Pocket Digital PC Camera, the Intel(R) Personal Audio Player 3000 and the Intel(R) Play(tm) Digital Movie Creator.
There is an increasing number of compact electronic devices, including the new Compaq iPaq Personal Audio Player PA-1, that rely on MMC cards because of their extremely small form factor and rugged design," said Laura Bonomo, Viking product manager.
For a limited time, readers who sign up for the Web Solutions World e-mail newsletter are automatically entered to win a Compaq iPac Personal Audio Player.
The product line includes the Personal Audio Player, the Blackberry Wireless e-mail solution, the PocketPC, the Home Internet Appliance, and the Connection Point.
Other than the products listed above, the website also stocks cameras, personal audio players, digital cameras, electronics for cars, security devices, and spy gadgetry.
The vehicle features new headlights sitting in a new front fascia, a new range of colours for the body and trim, and new instruments in the cockpit, with a USB port allowing personal audio players to interface with the car's audio system.
The tech giant are working on two prototype direct methanol fuel cell units which have been tested with personal audio players.

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