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(perevoploshchenie), the ability of an actor to appear on stage or in film in the character of another person; the creative foundation and distinctive quality of the art of acting.

An actor’s voice, diction, movements, and temperament, as well as his makeup and costume, are all resources used in personation. The art of external personation involves the alteration of an actor’s physical appearance in order to endow the character with certain individual or “type” characteristics. A higher stage in the development of realism is represented by the art of inner personation, when the actor renders the inner essence of the character he is portraying.

The basic divisions of the Stanislavsky’s method are devoted to the study of the means and methods of personation (characterization). Drawing on the many centuries of theatrical tradition, he created theoretical and practical principles for working on a role—principles that help the actor identify with the character he is personating and become one with that character.


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The early careers of both Jonson and Dekker should not be separated from the complexity of their wavering professional ties to locations like the Rose Theater, and further attention to this text (and other plays) might cast valuable light upon the often blurred subtextual traces of dramatic personation at this time.
The maximum penalty for personation is two years' imprisonment.
"We're pretty confident we have all the particular processes in place and we have a good relationship with the police." In 2007, the cousin of a city councillor was found guilty of two counts of personation in Foleshill.
(15) The personation of Chester also requires drums.
In the case filed in the Muzaffarpur district court on Tuesday by local lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ojha, the batting legend has been accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, which include 420 (offences relating to cheating and dishonesty), 419 (punishment for cheating by personation), 417 (punishment for cheating), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) and 120(B) (punishment of criminal conspiracy).
What a powerful contrast was exhibited by his personation of the simple, clownish peasant in the Philtre, and the chivalric dignity of Robert le Diable.
Punishment for cheating by personation using computer resource (Section 66D)
mangroves leaves producer personation, meanwhile animal group as consumer and bacteria as decomposer [6].
Shaw's parallel with religious high art is not entirely incongruous, for as well as depicting figures prohibited in any personation on the stage, high art, like the theatre, reproduced cathedral and church interiors, and religious ceremonies: all ocular feasts signifying the most sacred of religious practices and architecture.
In Pierce Pennilesse (1592), Thomas Nashe recounts an actor's personation of Talbot in Henry VI, claiming that he performed so well that "in the Tragedian that represents his person" the spectators "imagine[d] they beh[e]ld him fresh bleeding." (16) The sheer physical presence of the actor's body and its dramatic movement on the stage are hence directly responsible for the intense experience of the audience.
There is a tendency, I would argue, for Chapman's plays to resort to personation. Perhaps it is fairer to say that this was a general tendency of indoor theater or children's company plays during the late Elizabethan and early Jacobean years.