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(perevoploshchenie), the ability of an actor to appear on stage or in film in the character of another person; the creative foundation and distinctive quality of the art of acting.

An actor’s voice, diction, movements, and temperament, as well as his makeup and costume, are all resources used in personation. The art of external personation involves the alteration of an actor’s physical appearance in order to endow the character with certain individual or “type” characteristics. A higher stage in the development of realism is represented by the art of inner personation, when the actor renders the inner essence of the character he is portraying.

The basic divisions of the Stanislavsky’s method are devoted to the study of the means and methods of personation (characterization). Drawing on the many centuries of theatrical tradition, he created theoretical and practical principles for working on a role—principles that help the actor identify with the character he is personating and become one with that character.


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Chapters 3 and 4 illustrate respectively the continuing uses of personation after the first war by Dekker, Middleton, and the author of Swetnam the Woman-hater, and by Jonson in his later plays.
The scrutiny committee inquiry was set up following the May council elections, which triggered claims of widespread misuse of postal votes and personation.
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Dharam Singh Nagra, aged 66, who lives in Churchill Avenue, Foleshill, Coventry, is charged with an offence of personation.
At the heart of the inquiry are claims that postal votes were misused and that organised gangs 'stole' hundreds of votes through personation - falsely claiming to be people on the electoral register.
A regional Labour party spokesman said yesterday that any party member charged with a criminal offence of personation would be suspended from the party pending the outcome of a court case, or of charges being dropped.
An ongoing West Midlands Police inquiry is investigating claims of personation - the illegal practice of a voter pretending to be someone else - in Washwood Heath and Aston.
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