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an urban-type settlement in Khvoinaia Raion, Novgorod Oblast, RSFSR. The settlement is situated on the Pes’ River (Volga River basin). It has a railroad station on the Moscow-Leningrad line. It also has a logging and timber distribution establishment.



a river in Novgorod and Vologda oblasts, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Chagoda River, which is known as Chagodo-shcha in the lower reaches, where it flows in the Volga River basin. The Pes’ is 145 km long and drains an area of 2,730 sq km. It rises in Lake Rakitinskoe (area, 2.7 sq km). It is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 123 km from the mouth is 6.4 cu m per sec. The Pes’ freezes in November or December, and the ice breaks up in April or early May. Timber is floated on the river.

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Se sumaron tambien el coordinador del PES, Alejandro Gonzalez Murillo, sobrino del exprocurador general de la Republica Jesus Murillo Karam--quien trato de establecer como "verdad historica" la incineracion de los 43 estudiantes de Ayotzinapa en un basurero de Iguala--, y del mismo partido la hidalguense Ana Guadalupe Perea Santos.
22) Most patients indicated that symptoms of PES disappear spontaneously but some cite that distraction, sleep, changes in light, alcohol consumption and blinking result in the ceasing of PES.
O presente estudo pode contribuir para gerar uma tecnologia comportamental, uma vez que ele se preocupa, nao apenas com a producao do seguimento de regras de cuidados com os pes, mas tambem se preocupa em identificar as variaveis responsaveis pela ocorrencia e manutencao do comportamento de seguir tais regras.
The Pontypridd AM welcomed the move but stressed that regional and local authorities are closest to jobseekers and are often responsible for PES and activities such as apprenticeship schemes, skills matching and anticipation, training and employment subsidies.
The obtained results of ignition temperature and self-ignition indicate that the impact of both additives on the flammability of the volatile phase, formed as a result of the thermal decomposition of PES, is insignificant taking into account the initiation of combustion that uses the Mo[O.
The president of the PES, Sergei Stanishev said that he is proud to have EDSP join them.
An inquiry into the death of the four patients at Sushruta on December 4, 2012, had revealed that the oxygen manifold plant at the hospital, maintained by PES Installations, was malfunctioning.
However, after a few years in the wilderness, PES is making a comeback in terms of its game play.
Bu calismada, pes planus tanisi icin kullanilan 3 farkli ayak izi olcumu ve 3 farkli radyolojik degerlendirme metodunun birbirleri ile korelasyonu arastirilmistir.
Nabil Shaath, Fatah Commissioner for International Relations, who attended the PES meetings, also welcomed the decision.
The new studio will be the European wing of PES Productions, which usually handles the development of PES out of Tokyo.
PES tells the story of Pes, an extraterrestrial who comes to discover the value of Earth and its cars through his unique alien perspective.