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the former standard monetary unit of Spain and Andorra, divided into 100 céntimos; replaced by the euro in 2002



(1) A silver coin minted in Spain from the 18th century and in Mexico from about the 16th century.

(2) The monetary unit of Spain, equal to 100 centimos. Introduced on Jan. 1, 1859, to replace the real, the peseta was replaced by the escudo in June 1864. It was reintroduced in October 1868. Its value fell sharply during World War I and especially during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). The peseta has been repeatedly devalued since World War II.

(3) The monetary unit of Equatorial Guinea, equal to 100 centimos.

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His contract may have been agreed as a certain amount of pounds, but everybody was paid in pesetas.
Just days earlier he had gone into a BOI branch in Inchicore to buy pesetas for a trip to the Spanish east coast.
Allerton SEVERAL charities are interested in your pesetas - and in any other foreign currencies which readers are holding from the dozen countries which have switched to the euro.
The message from Age Concern is whether you've got pesetas or francs, dollars or drachmas, don't let your old summer holiday money go to waste lying around your home: help us use it to spread some winter warmth.
Any money you have already changed into pesetas and any future foreign exchange deals between now and January will not be affected, as you will get a fixed conversion rate of one euro for 166.
Very often people keep a few pesetas or lira just in case they ever return to that country, but many are not aware that they won't be able to use them after February next year.
AMOUNT ORDERED IN TOTAL SHARES ALLOCATED PESETAS SHARES AMOUNT IN PESETAS 200,000 81 148,249 500,000 92 168,382 1,000,000 109 199,496 2,000,000 143 261,725 3,000,000 177 323,953 4,000,000 211 386,181 5,000,000 245 448,410 6,000,000 279 510,638 7,000,000 313 572,866 8,000,000 347 635,095 9,000,000 381 697,323 10,000,000 415 759,552
Ex-works peseta prices for Spanish extra virgin have been stable, suggesting that although the market is firm, there are no particular concerns at present for the crop.
The evening's highlight is the endless food and drink included in the ticket price of 6000 pesetas (around pound s 24) - fantastic value and a surprise delight for this cynical visitor.
IF THE vicar in the Andy Capp strip had a collection box full of pesetas, it is because parishioners had them left over when the euro was introduced in Spain (Page 38, July 26).
I AM going on holiday to Tenerife in March, and I have 8,000 pesetas left from my last holiday there.