Peskov, Vasilii

Peskov, Vasilii Mikhailovich


Born Mar. 14, 1930, in the village of Orlovo, Novaia Usman’ Raion, Voronezh Oblast. Soviet Russian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1951.

Peskov has been a journalist since 1953. His impressions gathered during travels throughout the Soviet Union and foreign countries provide the substance for his books of essays Notes of a Press Photographer (1960), Footsteps on Dew (1963; Lenin Prize, 1964; translated into German and Polish), White Dreams (1965), World’s Edge (1967), Voyage With a New Moon (1969), and On the Roads of America (1973; with B. Strel’nikov). Peskov is also the author of the book of documentary sketches about the cosmonauts V. Tereshkova and V. Bykovskii Wait for Us, Stars! (1963, with M. Rebrov) and the book War and People (1970). Peskov writes in a fresh and original way about nature, advocating conservation of natural resources. He has received two orders.


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