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see BudapestBudapest
, city (1990 pop. 2,016,100), capital of Hungary, N central Hungary, on both banks of the Danube. The largest city of Hungary and its industrial, cultural, and transportation center, Budapest has varied manufactures, notably textiles, instruments, and electronics.
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, Hungary.
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a megye (county) in Hungary. Area, 6,400 sq km; population, 870,000 (1970). Its administrative center is Budapest, which itself constitutes an independent administrative unit.

Most of Pest’s terrain consists of a plain, extending along both banks of the Danube River. To a large degree, the region’s economy is linked with that of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, where a considerable portion of Pest’s population is employed. The megye’s industries supplement or support those of the capital. Bituminous coal is mined in Pest. Manufactures include machinery (the production of motor vehicles, bearings, electrical equipment, railroad cars), building materials, textiles, and chemicals. Fruit and vegetables are processed in the cities of Szeged and Nagykörös. Suburban truck farming predominates. In the area between the Danube and the Tisza rivers there are large commercial orchards, vineyards, and vegetable gardens. (A good deal of the produce is exported.) There are also plantings of wheat, rye, and corn. Swine are raised in Pest.

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