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[¦pē¦ē′tē or pet]
(organic chemistry)
(organic chemistry)
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What does it mean when you dream about your pet?

If we have a pet that we are close to, then a dream about this animal can simply be a reflection of our everyday life experience. Alternatively, a tame animal such as a pet can represent our animal drives, though they tend to represent a domesticated version. This dream could represent a desire to be treated like a pet—to be “petted”—or to have someone else become dependent on us like a pet.

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The office has assured an ample supply of anti-rabies vaccine for pet animals.
As notified earlier, any individual wishing to buy such pet animals are advised to seek for official documents or call BAFRA at Toll Free No.
Rehman said that among pet animals, Persian cats are in high demand at the market."Many expatriate pet lovers have started keeping Persian cats.
4 on regulating possession of domestic pet animals like cats and dogs.
We use the term "companion animal" as synonymous with "pet" or "pet animal."
It is not allowed to keep an animalin the apartment, but they can be kept in house with backyard and people can own only two dogs, as well as stipulate a condition local order not to accompany pet animals to shopping centers and public facilities, parks or restaurants and cafes, cinemas and public transport buses or the like must also inform the concerned department in the event of transfer of ownership of the animal to another person and that is immunized animal periodic inspection in a veterinary clinic certified to make sure immunised from any infectious diseases and immunisation certificate must be provided for the pet animal.
Through the live mini zoo concept, we hope to create awareness and ignite a passion among people for pet animals. Animals are an important link in the environmental chain and as such it is essential to educate the masses about them.
Animal Aid claims the business of selling pet animals in a public place was illegal under The Pet Animal Act 951 (Amendment 1983).
Vice-Chancellor Prof.Dr Talat Naseer Pasha presided over the inaugural session of the training while Incharge Pet Centre Prof Dr Asim Khalid Mahmood, Associate Professor Dr Hafsa Zaneb and faculty members from clinical departments and M.Phil Pet Animal Practitioners students were present on the occasion.
According to a TV channel, the Lahore High Court (LHC) heard a petition of a woman seeking registration of case against a veterinary doctor namely Awais, who prescribed the wrong injection for her ailing cat resulting in death of the pet animal.
The Pet Animal Act 1983 states the business of selling pet animals in a public place is illegal.
The risk of acquiring a zoonotic infection from a pet animal is definitely lower than the emotional and health benefits of pet ownership.