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[¦pē¦ē′tē or pet]
(organic chemistry)
(organic chemistry)

What does it mean when you dream about your pet?

If we have a pet that we are close to, then a dream about this animal can simply be a reflection of our everyday life experience. Alternatively, a tame animal such as a pet can represent our animal drives, though they tend to represent a domesticated version. This dream could represent a desire to be treated like a pet—to be “petted”—or to have someone else become dependent on us like a pet.

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It is prohibited to keep a pet animal in an apartment.
A decision is taken to maintain the health and safety of the community in Ajman of transmitted diseases from animals to humans by animals companionship in addition to what can be that the damage caused other Accordingly, it is not permissible for anyone possessing pet animal in Ajman unless licensed by the Department of Public Health and Environment Department Ajman Municipality and Planning after fulfilling all the papers therefor for a license tenure.
A FEW winters ago, our local newspaper sponsored a competition for children in area schools, which asked them to send in their favorite stories about pet animals.
Through the live mini zoo concept, we hope to create awareness and ignite a passion among people for pet animals.
The risk of acquiring a zoonotic infection from a pet animal is definitely lower than the emotional and health benefits of pet ownership.
Elaine Toland, Animal Aid spokesman, said: "We are relieved that legislation brought in to protect pet animal welfare will now be enforced at Henley Market.
It claims to be the most up-to-date of its kind in the country and includes an animal hospital, kennels and cattery, large animal housing, pet animal housing, grooming parlour, classrooms and science labs, small animal boarding facilities and a refectory.
Anitech is Canada's leading supplier of micro chips for pet animal identification.
The registration will include the name of the pet animal, national registration number, breed, gender, date of birth, colour, owner's name and the address of the registered owner.
At Manchester magistrates court, Molnar, who now lives in Dartford, Kent, pleaded guilty to offences under the Rabies (Importation of Dogs, Cats and other Mammals) Order 1974 and sections 10, 73 and 75 of the Animal Health Act 1981, and to an offence under the Pet Animals Act 1951 for using his premises as a pet shop without a licence.
To make their lives better the Punjab govt had provided them with pet animals so that they could grow these animals and get benefit from their sale and milk.
This was the first time Edwards College held such an activity with the objective of bringing pet animals and lovers together and for encouraging the youth to involve in healthy activities.