Peter I Petrovic-Njegoš

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Peter I Petrović-Njegoš


Born 1747 in Njeguŝi; died Oct. 18, 1830, in Cetinje. Ruler of Montenegro from 1781.

Peter I studied in Russia from 1762 until 1766. In 1766 he was made an archimandrite, and in 1781 a metropolitan. He led the struggle of the Montenegrins for liberation from Turkish domination. Under his rule, Montenegro achieved de facto independence in 1796. Peter called for the abolition of clan separatism and the strengthening of governmental authority. In 1798 he issued a collection of laws, which was supplemented in 1803. During the First Serbian Uprising (1804-13), he maintained ties with Karageorge. Peter headed the detachments of Montenegrins who fought alongside Russian expeditionary forces against the French troops that occupied Dalmatia in 1805. After Turkey declared war against Russia in 1806, he attempted to unite the Montenegrin forces with the Serbian insurgents who had risen against the Turks. Peter left a testament in which he called upon the Montenegrins to maintain fidelity to Russia.


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