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Peter Martyr:

see Peter of Verona, SaintPeter of Verona, Saint,
1206?–1252, Italian preacher, a Dominican. He traveled throughout Italy on preaching tours and was especially known for his opposition to the Cathari. He was murdered by some of that sect and canonized the next year as a martyr. He is called St.
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; Vermigli, Pietro MartireVermigli, Pietro Martire
, 1500–1562, Italian Protestant reformer, also known as Peter Martyr. He joined the Augustinian canons and in that order received high honors as a scholar and preacher.
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In one of the revelations of the exhibition, the recently cleaned Assassination of Saint Peter Martyr in the National Gallery's own collection, the domestic animals in the middle ground offer a tranquil foil to the brutal martyrdom enacted before them (Fig.
Peter Martyr Vermigli: Humanism, Republicanism, Reformation.
Their topics include mourning in lonely exile: the Irish ministry of Jesuit William Good; man of conscience, martyr, and saint: Thomas More's life and death in the memory of the English Catholic community; Calvinist Thomism revisited: William Ames (1576-1633) and the divine ideas; Protestant monasticism between the Reformation critique and new monasticism; and cognition and action: conversion and "virtue ethics" in the Loci Communes of Peter Martyr Vermigli.
This selection will include a wooden carving Uli statue from New Ireland, PNG, a Nepalese gilt copper figure of Maitreya, and an Italian bust of Saint Peter Martyr -- the artworks acquired in 2014.
Peter ofVerona (1205-1252), who came to be known more generally as Peter Martyr, was a preacher and inquisitor actively engaged in denouncing the Cathar heresy that flourished in Northern Italy in the thirteenth century.
Peter Martyr, global chief executive, said: "These targets are more than just statistics and are a way of engaging our people with the importance of gender diversity and creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.
is a master of the theologies of Calvin and his heirs, including Theodore Beza, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Jerome Zanchi, and Amandus Polanus.
(6) The themes of chapels honor the triumphs of Saint Michael, Saint Peter Martyr, and Saint Stephen Martyr.
Norton Rose Fulbright will be headed by Peter Martyr, CEO of Norton Rose.
Instructive parallels are drawn between Calvin's thought and Peter Martyr's rejection of divine anthropomorphism and their shared belief in the doctrine of accommodation.
Peter Martyr; the miraculous status of this event was guaranteed when "twelve of the best physicians in town declared that no natural cure was possible" (95).