Schöffer, Peter

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Schöffer, Peter:

see Fust, JohannFust or Faust, Johann
, d. 1466?, printer at Mainz. Johann Gutenberg borrowed substantial sums of money from Fust, a goldsmith, lawyer, and money lender.
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This music theory treatise was printed in Strasbourg at the workshop of Peter Schoffer the Younger (ca.
This is documented by a remark in an earlier music book, the Geystliche Gsangbuchlin produced by Peter Schoffer the Younger (vdm 111), which states: "Item / sei gemanet der buchbinder/ inn ydem Quatern die signatur iij und iiij.
Although the moniker didn't enter the English language until Burton and Warton escorted it, the first colophon actually dates from a century and a half earlier: the German Mainz Psalter, a book of Psalms published in 1457 by Johann Fust and Peter Schoffer.
Jahrhunderts") discusses the chansons printed by Peter Schoffer II (Quinquagena carminum [Mainz, between 1512 and 1515]) and Christian Egenolff (RISM [1512.
A needlepunched product today cannot be compared to a similar product 10 years ago," explained Peter Schoffer, sales director for Fehrer AG, Linz, Austria.
The first such printed colophon occurs in the Mainz Psalter produced by Johann Fust and Peter Schoffer in 1457.
The partnership was dissolved five years later when Gutenberg defaulted on the loan and Fust seized Gutenberg's equipment and stock and continued the operation himself with the help of Peter Schoffer.
This might have been prevented by including studies of a printer's or publisher's entire output of music books (including a more international repertoire), but, with the notable exception of Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl's discussion of Peter Schoffer the Younger, such studies are missing from the volume, exposing the need for future research.
According to Fehrer sales director Peter Schoffer, who attended the event, the importance of the introduction of the asymmetric perforated bed plate used in the H1 system is that it enables the machine to penetrate the web at different angles under precise control.