Peter Waage

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Waage, Peter


Born June 29, 1833, in Flekkefjord; died Jan. 13, 1900, in Christiania. Norwegian chemist.

In 1862, Waage became head of the chemical laboratories and professor at the University of Christiania (Oslo). Between 1864 and 1867, together with C. M. Guldberg, he established the law of mass action, which is one of the fundamental propositions of the theory of chemical equilibrium. He wrote manuals on general and analytical chemistry.


Etudes sur les affinités chimiques. Christiania, 1867. (Together with C. M. Guldberg.)
In Russian translation:
Issledovaniia sil khimicheskogo srodstva. Kharkov, 1892. (Together with C. M. Guldberg.)
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Following the careful research work of Max Guldberg (1836-1902) and Peter Waage (1833-1900), the Law of Mass Action was announced by the latter in 1867.