Pietro d'Abano

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Pietro d'Abano

Pietro d'Abano:

see Abano, Pietro d'Abano, Pietro d'
, 1250?–1316?, Italian physician and philosopher, a professor of medicine in Padua. His famous work Conciliator differentiarum was an attempt to reconcile Arab medicine and Greek speculative natural philosophy and was considered authoritative as
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Medieval physicians who wrote about the influence of music on the pulse include Peter of Abano (1257-1315).
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A medieval Latin version glossed by Peter of Abano made it into print in 1478, but was quickly supplanted by fresh editions, translations, and commentaries by humanist scholars (see John Riddle's detailed survey in Catalogus translationem et commentariorum: Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin Translations and Commentaries, IV, 1980).