Peter the Great

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Peter the Great:

see Peter IPeter I
or Peter the Great,
1672–1725, czar of Russia (1682–1725), major figure in the development of imperial Russia. Early Life

Peter was the youngest child of Czar Alexis, by Alexis's second wife, Natalya Naryshkin.
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But forget Peter the Great: Now "Vova the Little" -- or Lilli-Putin, as Georgia's sharp-tongued president, Mikheil Skashvili, once dubbed Russia's president -- may have pulled off an even greater coup.
Under Katharina the Great, St Petersburg finally became the thriving metropolis which Peter the Great had dreamed of: a "Venice of the North", a city of the arts, the sciences and literature.
Even when Orthodoxy remained a religious abstraction (as it did for Peter the Great), it provided the ideal for the Russian leadership.
THE STOLEN PRINCE: GANNIBAL, ADOPTED SON OF PETER THE GREAT, GREAT-GRANDFATHER OF ALEXANDER PUSHKIN, AND EUROPE'S FIRST BLACK INTELLECTUAL is perhaps most startling for the final five words in its subtitle: a black intellectual in early Europe?
Regardless of how intense and formally dazzling these works are, the curators do not convey any accurate sense of Russian culture prior to Peter the Great's uncompromising campaign of Westernization.
What's beyond question is that our hero became a favourite of Peter the Great who, among his other enthusiasms, collected "freaks" for his "all-mad, all-joking, all drunken assembly".
The history of the modern dacha began with Peter the Great, who gave suburban tracts of land to nobles along the road leading from St.
The renewed political absolutism will no doubt have its impact on the Orthodox Church whose Patriarch has acted all along as the head of a department of state as has been the historical tradition in Russia, especially from Peter the Great (1672-1725) onu'ards.
In this stimulating volume, scholars from Britain, Ireland, Italy, and the United States explore various aspects of St Petersburg's history during the 'long eighteenth century', from its foundation by Peter the Great in 1703 to the abortive Decembrist revolt in 1825.
PETER the Great is back and defending All-Ireland champions Tyrone stayed on course to retain their title after an emphatic victory over the Tribesmen at Croke Park yesterday.
He ordered the 26,000-ton cruiser Peter the Great (the pride of the northern fleet with 2 nuclear reactors and 20 nuclear missile launchers) to return to dock at an unspecified location and gave its crew two weeks to fix the flaws he had discovered during an inspection.