Peter von Cornelius

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Cornelius, Peter von


Born Sept. 23, 1783, in Dusseldorf; died Mar. 6, 1867, in Berlin. German painter.

Cornelius attended the Arts Academy in Diisseldorf (from 1795) and was a member of the Nazarene group in Rome from 1811 to 1819. He was director of the Diisseldorf Arts Academy from 1821, the Munich Arts Academy from 1825, and the Berlin Academy of Arts from 1841. He is one of the main representatives of German romanticism. His pictures, painted in a linear and graphic manner, were on subjects from ancient and medieval history, biblical scenes, and allegories and were marked by deep feeling (frescoes in the Glyptothek, 1820–30, and in the Ludwigskirche, 1829–40; all in Munich).


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Glaubensschild (Shield of Faith), 1842-47, designers: Friedrich August Stuler (1800 65), Peter von Cornelius (1783-1867), Alexis-Etienne Julienne (active 1837-48); goldsmith: Johann Georg Hossauer (1794-1874); modeller: August Fischer (1805-66); chaser: August Mertens (c.
One member, Peter von Cornelius, for example, became director of the Munich Academy in 1825.