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(also Peterloo Massacre), a widely used name for the bloody events of Aug. 16, 1819, at St. Peter’s Fields in Manchester during a meeting in support of electoral reform.

At the command of city officials, units of the regular army attacked a crowd of several thousand unarmed men, women, and children. The soldiers included hussars who had taken part in the battle of Waterloo; hence the derisive name for the massacre. The demonstrators were mostly weavers from Manchester and the neighboring cities of Lancashire. The meeting was dispersed, 15 participants were killed, and more than 600 were wounded. The organizers of the meeting were arrested and charged with treason.


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"There is a direct lineage between the Reform Act and Peterloo and the move towards democracy," said Dr Martin Farr, senior lecturer in Modern and Contemporary British History at Newcastle University.
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an Act of 1819 passed following the Peterloo Massacre when 11 people were killed and 400 wounded in Manchester when cavalry charged on a crowd of thousands.
The note details how he was 'secured' at Peterloo after he climbed up onto a stage to address the crowds, as flags were also torn down.
He adds: "Those who were fighting for the vote would be horrified to find that 200 years later we have it but we don't use it." Dr Poole puts Peterloo in the same category as Bloody Sunday, Tiananmen Square and the Soweto riots - a sacrifice of innocents leading to eventual progress.
THE Peterloo massacre took place at St.Peter's Field(close to St Peter's Square), Manchester on Monday August 16, 1819.
Eleven died in what became known as the Peterloo Massacre1927 - Wembley Stadium was sold for use as a greyhound racing track.
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