Petr Chelcický

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Chelčický, Petr


Born circa 1390; died circa 1460. Ideologist of the moderate Taborites in the Hussite revolutionary movement which took place in Bohemia during the first half of the 15th century.

In his works, which are written in Czech, Chelčický criticized the feudal order and called for a society based on equality and obligatory labor for all its members. He attacked the church hierarchy and the wealth and political power of the Catholic Church; in his opinion, the church should ideally be a community of believers headed by an elected priest. Chelčický’s ideas influenced the Bohemian Brotherhood.


Sit viry. Prague, 1950.
Drobné spisy. Prague, 1966.
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His paragon of Czechness is the fifteenth-century intellectual rebel Petr Chelcicky, in whose motto "Do nothing, contest everything" he finds great wisdom.
This article raises a clipping of this mapping, highlighting the figure of an advocate of pacifism that profoundly marked the features of the ideas and actions of these Brothers over nearly two centuries: Petr Chelcicky.
Even today, there are questions about who was Petr Chelcicky.
And this is one of the central points of opposition from Petr Chelcicky.