Petr Grigorevich Petrovskii

Petrovskii, Petr Grigor’evich


Born Oct. 1 (13), 1899, in Ekaterinoslav; died Sept. 11, 1941. Soviet party and Komsomol leader. Member of the Communist Party from 1916. Son of G. I. Petrovskii.

In 1917, Petrovskii was secretary of the Vyborg district committee of the RSDLP (Bolshevik) in Petrograd and participated in the storming of the Winter Palace. In 1918 he was a youth league leader in Petrograd, commissar and chairman of the cheka of the political section of the staff of the Fourth Army, and chairman of the Samara Provincial Cheka. In 1919 he was military commissar of the 22nd Division and chairman of the city committee and the revolutionary committee of Ural’sk during the 80-day defense of the city.

Petrovskii was secretary of the Ural’sk and then of the Tver’ provincial committees from 1920 to 1922. From 1922 to 1925, he served as a member of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, secretary of the Central Committee and the Moscow Oblast Committee of the Komsomol, a member of the executive committees of the Communist International (Comintern) and the Communist International of Youth, and chairman of the Komsomol delegation to the Executive Committee of the Communist International of Youth. From 1926 to 1928, Petrovskii was in charge of agitation and propaganda for the Leningrad city committee of the ACP (Bolshevik), editor in chief of Leningrad-skaia pravda, and managing editor of the journal Zvezda. He subsequently was occupied with administrative and managerial work. He was a delegate to the Eighth and Tenth through Fifteenth Party Congresses and to the Fifth and Sixth Congresses of the Comintern.


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