Petr Mukhanov

Mukhanov, Petr Aleksandrovich


Born Jan. 7(18), 1799; died Feb. 19 (Mar. 3), 1854, in Irkutsk. Decembrist. Staff captain in the Life Guards of the Izmailovo Regiment. Member of the Union of Welfare (1818).

As an adjutant under General N. N. Raevskii in Kiev, Mukhanov became close friends with the leaders of the Southern Society. After the defeat of the uprising of December 14, Mukhanov appealed to the Moscow Decembrists to take decisive action and volunteered to assassinate the tsar. He was sentenced to 12 years at hard labor, which was reduced to eight years; he served his term in the Sveaborg and Vyborg fortresses and then in jails in Siberia.