Petr Raresh

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Petr Raresh


Hospodar of the principality of Moldavia from 1527 to 1538 and from 1541 to 1546. Son of Stephen the Great.

Petr Raresh attempted to continue his father’s policy of strengthening central authority. He relied for support on the lesser boyars and limited the influence of the more important ones, whose dissatisfaction resulted in a number of conspiracies. He prepared for the emancipation of Moldavia from Turkish domination by establishing relations with many foreign governments, including Russia. In 1538 the Turkish Army, commanded by Suleiman I, entered Moldavia, and Petr Raresh, betrayed by the boyars, fled the country. This time, Moldavia fell once and for all under Turkish rule. In 1541 he again received the Moldavian throne and the title of hospodar from the Turkish sultan. Petr Raresh renewed his efforts toward consolidating central authority and executed the leaders of the boyar opposition. In 1542 he concluded an agreement with the Hapsburgs, supported anti-Turkish forces, and maintained ties with Russia, from which he received financial support.


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