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two genera of birds of the order Procellariiformes— fork-tailed petrels (Oceanodroma) and storm petrels (Hydro-bates ). They are small birds (the body measures up to 20 cm). The bill is small and hooked downward. The legs are short and tetradactylous; the anterior toes are webbed.

Petrels are birds of the open sea. They feed on small invertebrates, which they catch on the wing from the surface of the water. They nest in burrows along the shores and are active near their nests at night. Fork-tailed petrels (Oceanodrama) are found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans; there are 11 species. In the USSR they are found in the Far East from the Komandorskie Islands to Vladivostok; there are three species. The storm petrels (Hydrobates ) constitute a single species. They are found in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. They may occasionally fly to the USSR.


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Investigating the frequency and nature of leg damages in petrel populations as well as examining their health status in a systematic way should help to understand both the causes and effects of the leg abnormalities.
Rare birds; the extraordinary tale of the Bermuda petrel and the man who brought it back from extinction.
145); seabirds (principally mottled petrels, Pterodroma inexpectata) bred elsewhere on Banks Peninsula well into the 20th Century (Stead 1927).
A group of scientists, including researchers from Lund University, have now shown that the nose of the blue petrel is even capable of smelling which mate will produce young with the best immune systems.
The wind has certainly stirred things up in the Atlantic - places such as Cornwall are already seeing early records of birds such as Wilson's Petrel and Great Shearwaters.
Now a rare sight, Hawaiian petrels are restricted to high-elevation regions on several of the main islands.
The classic Sparkman & Stephens-designed 36-footer Stormy Petrel added another fine trophy to her long and distinguished sailing career when she outsailed a small fleet in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's annual Great Veterans Race for the Windward Trophy.
Even more threatened are the island's burrowing petrels.
Scientists already knew that some seabirds, such as albatrosses and petrels, use this smell to locate areas where tiny sea creatures called phytoplankton live.
Moves to help safeguard seriously endangered species of albatrosses and petrels are announced by the Government today.
Population declines of several species of albatrosses and petrels in the Southern Ocean are linked to longlining operations (Croxall and Prince, 1990; Brothers, 1991; Cherel et al.