Petroleum, Research Institutes of

Petroleum, Research Institutes of


(in the USSR), specialized institutes of the petroleum industry that conduct research in petroleum geology, well geophysics, deposit development methods, well drilling, production, preparation, and transportation of petroleum and by-product gas, and safety engineering.

The All-Union Research Institute of Oil Field Geophysics in Ufa (founded in 1970) develops methods and technology of oil field geophysical well analysis and methods of computer-assisted automatic geophysical data interpretation.

The All-Union Oil and Gas Research Institute in Moscow (founded in 1943) works on methods for studying the geophysical conditions of development, on the creation of new methods for oil field development, and on research in oil production engineering and technology and the economics of developing petroleum deposits.

The All-Union Research Institute of Drilling Technology in Moscow (founded in 1953) conducts research on the physical and mechanical properties of rock and the mechanism of rock crushing, and also on new drilling methods; it is developing rock-crushing tools and bottom-hole motors and improving drilling technology.

The All-Union Research Institute of the Organization, Administration, and Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry in Moscow (founded in 1965) works on plans for the development and distribution of enterprises of the petroleum-extracting industry, improves methods of planning and economic stimulation, and summarizes the latest knowledge.

The All-Union Petroleum Research Institute of Safety Engineering in Baku (founded in 1928) studies labor safety conditions and compiles standard rules and regulations for the prevention of accidents.

The All-Union Oil and Gas Safety Engineering and Industrial Health Science Research Institute in Ufa (founded in 1965) develops safety devices and personal protective equipment and works on the solution of industrial health problems.

The All-Union Research Institute of Well Casing and Drilling Fluid in Krasnodar (founded in 1970) deals with the development and improvement of well-casing methods, analysis of the properties of cement slurries and muds, and the development of methods and equipment for the elimination and prevention of complications during well drilling.

The All-Union Research Institute for the Development and Operation of Oil Field Piping in Kuibyshev (founded in 1970) develops methods for calculation of casing strings and production strings and standards for oil piping and tools for their operation; it also studies methods of flaw detection in pipes in the field.

The All-Union Research Institute for the Collection, Preparation, andTransportation of Oil and Petroleum Products in Ufa (founded in 1970) develops technology, systems, and equipment for the collection, preparation, and transportation of petroleum and casinghead gas; methods and equipment for preventing losses of oil and petroleum products during pumping, transportation, and storage; and machinery and equipment for trunk pipeline maintenance.

The All-Union Research and Design Institute of Gas Refining in Krasnodar (founded in 1972) engages in integrated study of the problems of preparing by-product gas for transportation, automation of gas refineries, the creation of an automated control system for the gas-refining industry, and the development of process flow sheets and processing equipment for refining casinghead gas.

In the major oil-bearing regions, there are also 16 integrated territorial institutes, which perform scientific research in the oil-producing regions and plan the exploration, drilling, development, and overall arrangement (layout) of oil and gas fields. There are two design institutes—Giprotruboprovod (State Institute for Trunk Pipeline Planning) in Moscow and Iuzhgipronef-teprovod (State Institute for Oil Pipeline Planning in the Southern Regions of the USSR) in Kiev—which engage in the planning and design of pipeline systems.