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the main character of folk puppet shows in Russia. Petrushka, an overhead puppet, was indispensable in the shows of the skomorokhi (wandering folk actors). He was first described by Ö. Olearius in the 17th century. Shows of Petrushka appeared in 18th-century lubki (illustrated broadsides). Puppet presentations with Petrushka became increasingly popular at fairs, markets, and yards of residential buildings. The puppeteer spoke for Petrushka, using a pishchik (pipe for luring birds), which gave the voice a metallic shrill that could be heard far away. Petrushka has a large hooked nose, smiling mouth, and, often, a humped back. He is dressed in a red shirt and tasseled cap (or in fool’s attire). N. A. Nekrasov and M. Gorky wrote on the ideological and political significance of Petrushka shows.

During the first years of the Soviet puppet theater, Petrushka was the principal character in new plays, having undergone important changes in character and dress. Performances with Petrushka are now extremely rare. However, numerous types of puppets each having the general name of Petrushka are widely used in the Soviet puppet theater.


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Vasili Andreevich went into the room with the old man, and Nikita drove through the gate opened for him by Petrushka, by whose advice he backed the horse under the penthouse.
You must be chilled through and through,' said Petrushka.
ey rode the waves of Stravinsky's thrilling and relentless music for Petrushka, just as they did for Lutoslawski's celebratory Concerto for Orchestra.
Directed by choreographer and Sadler's Wells Associate Artist Michael Keegan-Dolan, this exciting interpretation of Stravinsky's most famous pieces: The Rite of Spring and Petrushka, will be at Sherman Theatre from April 8-9.
Set to Stravinsky's The Fairy's Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fee) and Petrushka, A Dancer's Dream, which was filmed at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center last June, features choreography by Karole Armitage.
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99, and Stravinsky's Ansermet conducted by Petrushka at pounds 59.
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