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They may still be present in the seed bank and removal of Phalaris arundinacea from the fen may allow their return.
Growth and nitrogen dynamics of reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) subjected to daily fertilization and irrigation in the field.
All species planted appeared by 1992, with a dominance of Phalaris arundinacea ([greater than] 95% by cover from 1992-1996) which was favored by exceptionally heavy rains at planting time in June and July 1990.
Sorghum###Wheat###Fumaria indica, Phalaris minor, Rumex###21.6-44.2###35.4-49.0###11.0-20.0###Cheema and Khaliq
Seeds of wheat weeds (Vicia sativa, Galium aparine, Rumex dentatus, Avena fatua, Lathyrus aphaca, Phalaris minor, Carthamus oxycantha, Convolvulus arvensis, Chenopodium album, Coronopus didymus, Melilots indica, Cichorium intybus, Anagallis arvensis, Chenopodium murale and Euphorbia sp.) that had already been taxonomically identified and stored in the "Seed Bank, Ayuab Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad Pakistan" were collected from and were packed in sterilized polythene bags.
Horatio Nelson has 21 instances of Phalaris, a horse foaled 34 years later than St Marguerite, and he features more closely, between the seventh and tenth generations.
He informed that the lab investigate harmful weed "dumbi-sitti" (Phalaris Minor) within period of two weeks
He informed that the lab investigate harmful weed 'dumbi-sitti' (Phalaris Minor) within period of two weeks only in the lab and suggest accurate herbicide for its timely elimination.
Se identifico a la especie Phalaris aquatica como la mas apta para el establecimiento en la zona de estudio con una superficie de 57.793ha, correspondiente al 27,6% del total del area de estudio, debido a su buena respuesta ante las condiciones ambientales de dicha zona.