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see PhidiasPhidias
or Pheidias
, c.500–c.432 B.C., Greek sculptor, one of the greatest sculptors of ancient Greece. No original in existence can be attributed to him with certainty, although numerous Roman copies in varying degrees of supposed fidelity exist.
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Pheidias said that the objective was to develop something that would withstand the test of time, as the greatest creation of the human mind, and that this architectural masterpiece would be a gift to future generations of Athenians (and probably some visiting Spartans; he did not have any concept of international tourism at that time) who would look at it and say, "Wow, was this done 2000 years ago .
Imbued with Plutarch's and Strabo's accounts of the ancient city and its architecture, he wrote in his diary: 'I was most pleased to observe that on the top of the citadel there is a huge, wondrous temple of the goddess Pallas, the noble work of Pheidias.
Yet, it is Pheidias who remains as the creator of beauty, while Pericles stays as a politician.
13) Later biographical sources, although not always trustworthy, suggest numerous teacher-student relationships of a pederastic nature: the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, Xenocrates and Polemon, Polemon and Crates, Crantor and Arcesilaus, the sculptors Pheidias and Agoracritus of Paros, the physician Theomedon and Eudoxus of Cnidus.
Dr Tooms's research has uncovered fresh evidence that Pheidias, the Greek sculptor of the Parthenon Marbles was not in fact Greek at all, but an itinerant worker of British extraction named Philip Davies who settled in Athens around 453 and who changed his name to Pheidias in order to insinuate himself into Athenian social and artistic circles.
Thus, Polykleitus came first, followed by Pheidias, then Kresilas, Kydon, and Pradmon.
is represented by Pheidias Project Management Corporation, headed by Oberto Oberti, Vancouver architect and president of both Pheidias and Glacier Resorts Ltd.
33) The Marcellus by Kleomenes in the Louvre(34) is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic examples in the early Augustan Age, and thus remains one of our best iconographical sources for tracing back to the lost original, the Hermes Psychopompos called "Hermes Ludovisi," created, so it seems, just after the Coronea disaster (447 BC), by one of the great Attic masters of the time, perhaps Pheidias or Myron.
We are also introduced to the concept of techne as craft plus art, and mention is made of Rhoikos and Theodoros, Pheidias and Skopas.
The individual Hippocrates is not adequate to serve as the eternal prototype of "doctor," nor does the career of Pheidias suffice to give definition to "artist.
Ancient and Modern Tragedy', 292: |Michael Angelo was not contented, like Pheidias or Praxiteles, with carving the serenity of godlike men and women.