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(organic chemistry)
C14H10 A colorless, crystalline hydrocarbon; melts at about 100°C; the nucleus is produced by the degradation of certain alkaloids; used in the synthesis of dyes and drugs.
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a tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbon occurring as colorless crystals that are insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. Phenanthrene has a melting point of 101°C and a boiling point of 340°C. The structural formula is

Phenanthrene solutions possess a light blue fluorescence. The compound, together with its linear isomer anthracene, is contained in coal tar. Derivatives of the compound in which the phenanthrene rings are partially or completely hydrogenated are commonly encountered in plants and animals (resin acids, steroids). Phenanthrene is used in the production of dyes.

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Although TWAs for specific PAHs are not given in these workplace standards, the OSHA analytical method for coal tar pitch volatiles specifies target concentrations for selected PAHs, including phenanthrene, anthracene, pyrene, chrysene, and benzo[a]pyrene (33).
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Triaromatics in aromatic fraction are mainly composed of phenanthrene and C1-C5-alkylated phenanthrenes.
Kenplast G low-viscosity mixture of alkylated naphthalenes and phenanthrenes is an extender for epoxies, a secondary plasticizer for PVC, and a reportedly excellent compatibilizer for PVC/vinyl acetate combinations.
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