Phenyl Ether

phenyl ether

[′fen·əl ′eth·ər]
(organic chemistry)

Phenyl Ether


diphenyl oxide, an aromatic ether, C6H3—O—C6H6; colorless crystals with an odor of geraniums. Melting point, 26°-27°C; boiling point, 259°C. It is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. It is made industrially by heating chlorobenzene with potassium phenate in the presence of copper powder at 210°C.

Phenyl ether is used in perfume products and as a soap odorant. Mixed with biphenyl (26.5 percent), it is used as a high-temperature heat carrier under the name Dowtherm.

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Likely, depending on the position, the OH group and adjacent phenyl ether and/or Br atoms, other hydroxylated metabolites of tetra and pentaPBDEs have a similar effect on cellular calcium homeostasis.
4H2O, Pt (ac AC2, and hexadecanediol reductant in phenyl ether solvent at nitrogenic atmosphere.
A tough 60 wt% PET gel with phenyl ether was formed into filaments by the melt extrusion technique (5).