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Legendary music producer Phil Spector is due to be sentenced for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.
PHIL Spector was raised in New York's Bronx but moved with his mother to Los Angeles when he was 12, after his father committed suicide.
Pop legend Phil Spector yesterday won a legal battle for the rights to his classic 50s hit To Know Him Is To Love Him.
PHIL Spector's driver told a court the music producer confessed to killing Lana Clarkson.
Better known as Ronnie Spector, leader of the Ronettes and one-time wife to the illustrious producer and current convict, Phil Spector, she is a walking repository of popular music and custodian of more tales than the Arabian Nights.
GRAVITY GRAVITY PHIL SPECTOR Sky Atlantic 9PM No stranger to florid characters, Al Pacino wigs out as the unstable music biz bigshot.
But he discovered Martin departed the project after becoming fed up with the band's squabbles and was replaced by Phil Spector.
MURDERING music legend Phil Spector looks haggard and ill in this chilling prison mugshot.
He's got a new film, Stand Up Guys, and stars as Phil Spector in a biopic of the controversial music producer to be screened on Sky Atlantic on June 30.
"( Phil Spector ," starring Al Pacino, as the titular music producer, and Helen Mirren, as Linda Kenney Baden, was directed by David Mamet and premiered on HBO on Sunday.
"Have you ever known someone who was disfigured?" Helen Mirren, as defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden, asks an anxious junior associate in Phil Spector, the new HBO film premiering Sunday about the murder trial and eventual conviction of the legendary music producer.
15 ( ANI ): Al Pacino, who is starring as disgraced music producer Phil Spector in an upcoming TV movie of the same name, has declared that he is not sure that the songwriter is guilty of murder.