Philharmonic Society

Philharmonic Society


the name of concert organizations in some countries. In the 19th century, philharmonic societies were established in a number of European and American cities, including St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, London, and New York, primarily to promote symphonic music. Similar societies became common in the 20th century; in European socialist countries, such societies came under state control.

In the USSR the aim of state-run philharmonic societies is to present and popularize musical compositions and concerts, as well as other types of stage performances, such as dance performances and poetry readings. The first Soviet philharmonic societies were organized in Petrograd in 1921 and in Moscow in 1922. As of Jan. 1, 1976, there were 136 such societies in the USSR, organized at the republic, krai, oblast, and city levels in large cultural and industrial centers. By popularizing the best of Russian and foreign classics, as well as Soviet and folk compositions, including the songs, dances, and instrumental music of peoples of the USSR and other countries, philharmonic societies assist in the artistic development and growth of young performers and promote cultural exchange with foreign countries. Tours of soloists and companies in the USSR and abroad are arranged by Soiuzkont-sert (All-Union Concert Agency) and Goskontsert (State Concert Agency).

Philharmonic societies have permanent soloists and chamber ensembles, as well as large musical groups, such as choruses and symphony orchestras. Most philharmonic society performances are given in permanent concert halls; some are given in various clubs. Frequently the societies organize tours to industrial settlements and rural areas.

Philharmonic societies play an important role in the development of Soviet musical culture, especially in that of professional music at the Union republic level.

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For 2018, it is planned to build a city philharmonic society on the basis of Jashtyk youth center.
Sunday's concert, 'Wind's Stories', is suitable for the whole family as it is part of a series of concerts which are ideal for children and families, organised by the Children's Philharmonic Society of Paphos.
In 1940-194, he directed Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society.
On December 18, 2017 they will become participants of the KVN Festival "Zauralye Cup" in the Kurgan Regional Philharmonic Society, and in early January they will travel to the city of Sochi for the XXIX International KVN Festival "KiViN-2018".
The orchestra's tour comes at, "the invitation of one of the musical institutions in Austria in cooperation with the Egyptian Philharmonic Society, in order to activate the role of soft power represented in arts to promote Egypt globally," said Abd el-Dayem.
A WIRRAL student is one of seven young composers chosen by a panel of judges from Classic FM and the Royal Philharmonic Society to write a new piece of music to celebrate the radio station's 25th birthday.
As always, the choral society has attracted a group of internationallyknown, experienced and respected soloists - soprano Rachel Nicholls, widely recognised as one of the most exciting dramatic sopranos of her generation; mezzo-soprano Alexandra Gibson, who is particularly feted for her interpretation of Baroque music; baritone David Wilson-Johnson, whose 40-year career has spanned major opera houses, orchestras and festivals world-wide; and tenor John Mark Ainsley, a visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music and past winner of the Royal Philharmonic Society Singer Award.
And then a small party came onstage, with representatives from the Royal Philharmonic Society and from the Association of British Orchestras.
Catherine is the first violinist to win the prize, awarded by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Association of British Orchestras.
CLASSICAL musician Roger Coull has agreed to become patron of the Coventry Philharmonic Society.
The Limerick-born 39-year-old is the chairman of the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Society.
The gala night will take place at the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society.