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Philia, asteroid 280 (the 280th asteroid to be discovered, on October 29, 1888), is approximately 26 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.0 years. Its name is a personification of a Greek word for love. The Greeks distinguished Philia love from Eros love, identifying Philia more with friendship than romance. When prominent in an natal chart, this asteroid indicates a friendly personality. The sign and house position indicates both how one interacts with friends as well as what the friends are like.


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It is associated with an initial intrusion into Cyprus of autonomous groups from Anatolia, which later developed a distinct, identifiable Philia cultural system.
Philia is the first big conscious choice we make to love.
What we are now proposing is a way of understanding love in a more multidimensional way, in which agape, philia, and eros are seen as three dimensions of the same love.
In other words, the agapeacute is impossible, or hypocritical, without the philia.
from the Latin to "sit apart" and philia, the Greek word for
Si esa nacion, siguiendo a Benedict Anderson (2011), se concibe como una comunidad imaginada, el modelo comunitario que propone el texto de Sarmiento y que la pelicula retoma podria pensarse a partir del concepto aristotelico de philia. Segun se desprende de los libros XVIII y IX de la Etica Nicomaquea, la nocion de philia guarda una estrecha relacion con la de polis.
He combined the words topos, which means "place," with the Greek word philia, which means "love of," to coin the term topophilia or "love of place." For me, it's the combination of love and place that makes me so proud to be a Salt Laker.
Pericles' political liabilities are considered, including reciprocal ties of philia, hierarchical ties of eros, and his relationship to state religion (chapters six to eight).