Philippe Destouches

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Destouches, Philippe


(pseudonym of P. Néricault). Born Apr. 9, 1680, in Tours; died July 4, 1754, at the Fortoiseau Castle, near Melun, department of Seine-et-Marne. French playwright. Member of the Academic Françhise from 1723.

Destouches wrote comedies of character, such as The Ungrateful One (1712), The Slanderer (1715), and The Squanderer (1736; Russian translation, 1789). His best comedy, The Braggart (1732), ridicules aristocratic conceit. Destouches followed the classical poetics of N. Boileau; however, in his late plays the comic element is much weaker and “sentimental” scenes appear. Destouches assailed class prejudices in a series of comedies, including The Married Philosopher (1727; Russian translation, 1827) and Insincere Agnes (published, 1736; staged, 1759; Russian translation, 1764).


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